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    1. Introduction
    2. Procedure for Obtaining WiFi-Connection
    3. How to Login
    4. Ticket/Card Denominations
    5. Terms & Conditions

      Terms & Conditions

      The user agrees to the following Terms & Conditions:

      1. The user is responsible for the safe custody of the account(s) information. In case of disclosure of account (s) or handing over to non-registered users or other registered users in any category due to the disclosure of account information, account holder will be held responsible and must not held USM or USM ICT Center liable of any loss of time usage.
      2. All internet data traffic is recorded on our servers for security purpose.
      3. The USM ICT Center is not responsible for the delay of service due to severe power issues, international routes outage, environmental factors, etc.
      4. Once the internet account/voucher charges are deposited it will be considered non-refundable.
      5. The internet bandwidth speed and rates can be adjusted as per load/requirement of  USM ICT Network.
      6. The user will not use the wireless internet connection other than work-related and academic use. In case of violation the user will be blacklisted permanently or may not be allowed to avail again the Internet services of USM.
      7. The user must not be involved in any kind of hacking of accounts, data, or other private information of the network machines. In case of violation the user will be penalized or black listed permanently or for a considerable period.
      8. In case of any error in the billing, the difference of the amount will be adjusted /recovered from in the next billing period.
      9. The user must not use the Peer to Peer Software like Kaaza, emule, all Torrents, youtube and all other video/audio streaming sites as well as voice or video chats during peak period. In case of violation the accounts may be temporarily suspended.


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