Campus WIFI Spots - How to Login PDF Print E-mail
    1. Introduction
    2. Procedure for Obtaining WiFi-Connection
    3. How to Login
    4. Ticket/Card Denominations
    5. Terms & Conditions

      How to Login:

      1. To use the ticket/ card and login, simply connect to the “usmcampuswifi” wireless connection,
      2. Once you are connected, open your Internet browser, type the address of the website you wish to browse and press enter on the keyboard.
      3. You will be redirected to the login page requiring you to enter your user name and password. Remove the staple wire to reveal the username and password in the ticket/card.  Type-in the username and password in the corresponding box and click submit button. You will be instantly redirected back to the website you wish to browse.

      Note that an InfoBox will be opened at the lower-right corner of your screen allowing you to monitor your time usage, change your password or logout.


      Important:  Please make sure that you click on logout button to immediately disconnect and stop your time usage.


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