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    1. Introduction
    2. Procedure for Obtaining WiFi-Connection
    3. How to Login
    4. Ticket/Card Denominations
    5. Terms & Conditions

      Procedure for Obtaining WiFi-Connection

      The WiFi-HotSpot is up and functional for the campus users who are located at the WiFi-Zones or where the WiFi-Signal is available. Visit the Link to see WiFi Zones at

      1. For New Connection the user must fill up an Internet Services Order form. Each college or unit will be allocated with limited Internet connections with appropriate charges applied (subsidized by the College or Unit). To avail on the subsidized Internet Connection, you may refer to your immediate supervisor (Heads, Deans, Directors and Key Officials) for approval.
      2. After filling up the form, it should be forwarded to the ICT Center for the schedule of configuration, setup and testing of the device.
      3. After the device is installed and working, the user name & password ticket/card is issued against the payment as per given Approved Billing Schedule( Note: The Billing charges are for self sustained minor maintenance of WiFi/Network Equipment and technical support, and is on non-profit basis).

      Students, guests, visitors and/or faculty/ teachers may avail the services through obtaining Internet Pre-paid tickets/cards available at ICT Center or at the USM Business Development Center *.  Tickets/cards are available in 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 300 pesos denominations.


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