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  1. Introduction
  2. Procedure for Obtaining WiFi-Connection
  3. How to Login
  4. Ticket/Card Denominations
  5. Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the University of Southern Mindanao WiFi-Hotspot Internet Service.  All USM employee users are required to fill the application/order form distributed to all colleges and units and must read the instructions,Terms –and Conditions therein.

WiFi Network Introduction & Procedure for obtaining connection


Note: Wireless users must read first, the following notice for the awareness of New Technology

Wireless Network: The University of Southern Mindanao is privileged to have the Wireless Network for campus constituent with Carrier Class Broad band equipment in free frequency ISM Band 2.4 GHz. This Carrier Class Broadband Wireless Network managed and centrally controlled using a software facility at the USM ICT Center, is the first and one of its kind among other universities in South Central Mindanao. The Centrally Controlled Wireless Network was installed on August 23, 2010, under the Project of ICT Center “Upgrading & Enhancing IT-Facilities” at University of Southern Mindanao. The Wireless Network behavior is different from cable network, as the wireless media depends on environmental factors, like, moisture, greenery, metallic objects, interfering frequency noise etc. At our campus the wireless signal is hampered due to the Green environment (plants and trees). In our wireless network the number of boosters were increased to overcome this problem at the selected WiFi Zones. Some of the wireless routers and access points are connected to power regulator units which protect the costly equipment from power fluctuations. So at odd time (depending on the power fluctuations) the wireless signal might be out for few minutes (1 –2 minutes) for the protection of equipment, the wireless signal is restored automatically after the power outage. The user once connected, gets media connection from a minimum of 1Mbps to a maximum of 108Mbps.


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