Free Tuition and Enrollment 2017 Print

free-tuition-fee-2017-thumbTo All USM Students and Other Concerned Individuals:

Please be informed of the following issues and concerns regarding FREE TUITION 2017 and USM Enrollment Schedule:

What is FREE TUITION 2017 all about?

FREE TUITION 2017 is a budget allocation by CHED and DBM to SUCs for SY 2017 – 2018. It is intended for TUITION FEES ONLY and DOES NOT COVER or DOES NOT INCLUDE other school fees, laboratory fees, and other miscellaneous fees/expenses.

Who can avail of the FREE TUITION 2017?

The number of students who can avail of the Free Tuition 2017 will depend on the availability of the approved budget allocated to the school (SUC). If the budget allocated to the school (SUC) will be enough, then all the students can avail of the Free Tuition. However, if the budget will not be enough, then prioritization will be made based on the following:

  • 1st Priority - StuFAP scholars or grantees (like CHED Tulong-Dunong and other CHED scholarships, BP 337, SK, USM Varsity, USM Dependents, USM Grant-in-Aid, etc.) whose scholarship benefits do not exceed P15,000.00/year. However, those with more than P15,000/year benefits (like ESGP-PA, DOST, CHED-Full Merit, etc.) are no longer entitled for Free Tuition since their tuition fees will be charged to their Scholarships or Sponsoring Agencies. (StuFAP – Student Financial Assistance Program)
  • 2nd Priority – Graduating Students (continuing students)
  • 3rd Priority – Other Continuing Students (non-graduating students)
  • 4th Priority – Incoming Students and Transferees


    1. Based on the approved budget allocated for USM for SY 2017 – 2018, all continuing students (including those of the Self-liquidating Courses/Programs such as BS Nursing, BS Accountancy and BS Criminology) can be accommodated or can avail of Free Tuition upon submission of the following requirements:

      a.INCOME TAX RETURN (ITR) or CERTIFICATE OF EXEMPTION of parents for 2016 from the BIR or CERTIFICATE OF INDIGENCY from the Barangay Chairman/Chairperson for those with low or no income and are exempted from filing at the BIR.
      b.Printed grades for the last or previous semester

    2. Students enrolled in terminal/non-degree courses or programs (1 or 2 years) are not entitled for Free Tuition.
    3. No enrollment would be entertained for failure to comply with any of the above requirements.

Enrollment Schedule:

  • August 1 - 2 , 2017 - Students with Scholarships handled by USM (StuFAP, CHED-TD, BP 337, SK, USM Varsity, Dependents, Grant-in-Aids, etc.)
  • August 3, 2017 - Graduating Students
  • August 4, 2017 - Continuing Students without any scholarship
  • August 7– 11, 2017 - Incoming First Year Students and Transferees
    - Irregular Students
    - Open Enrollment
  • August 14, 2017 - Classes start for 1st Sem., SY 2017-2018


(Strictly and absolutely no extension of enrollment.)

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