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Dr. Francisco Gil N. Garcia’s service in the government spans nearly two decades and includes senior leadership roles at the University of Southern Mindanao prior to his appointment as President of the University on February 14, 2014.

Born in Kidapawan City on October 10, 1957, he graduated valedictorian from his elementary and secondary education at the Notre Dame of Kidapawan for Boys. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1997 and his master’s degree in Professional Studies major in Rural Economics Development in 1987 both from the University of Southern Mindanao. He completed his Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Economics at the University of the Philippines at Los Baños in 2004.

His one glaring passion is the academe. To him, knowledge and expertise are of no value unless they are shared and properly disseminated.

As a result, he applied for a teaching position at USM after his stint as a banker at the Land Bank of the Philippines.  He handled courses in Economics, Agricultural Policy, Agrarian Reform and Taxation in the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Next to home and family, he considered the school as the second place to discover new horizons. He exemplified this when he became University President. He introduced innovations and reforms making USM as one of the best state universities in the Philippines.

His vision for the future of the University focuses on access, affordability, and excellence, with emphasis on breakthrough research and modern and effective teaching. He also believes in strengthening the community engagement of the University and in advancing inclusive growth, development, diversity, and excellence.

Intellectual, compassionate, and morally upright, Dr. Garcia has been a recipient of various commendations and awards, including the prestigious Outstanding USM Alumnus Award in recognition of his impressive performance in Financial Management.

Prior to his appointment as President, he held various key positions in the University as Director for Human Resource Management and Development (May 12 2008 – June 9, 2010), Director for Finance and Management Services (June 10, 2010 – June 10, 2013), Vice President for Resource Generation (January 22, 2009), and Vice President for Administration and Finance (June 24, 2013 to February 13, 2014).

As a professor, he believes that in addition to instruction, research characterizes the true mark of a University. Thus, he has immersed himself in various researches in agricultural marketing, culture, gender, literacy, and the environment.

He has attended various seminars, trainings, and conferences not only in the Philippines but also in Thailand, Vietnam, United States of America and France.

Dr. Garcia is married to the former Miss Adeflor Grant, also a professor of this University, and he is blessed with two children, Kristine Garcia-Bugayong, 37 years old and Khyno Miguel Garcia, 9 years old.

Dr. Francisco Gil N. Garcia’s service in the government spans nearly two decades and includes senior leadership roles at the University of Southern Mindanao prior to his appointment as President of the University on February 14, 2014.


Born in Kidapawan City on October 10, 1957, he graduated valedictorian from his elementary and secondary education at the Notre Dame of Kidapawan for Boys. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1997 and his master’s degree in Professional Studies major in Rural Economics Development in 1987 both from the University of Southern Mindanao. He completed his Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Economics at the University of the Philippines at Los Baños in 2004.


His one glaring passion is the academe. To him, knowledge and expertise are of no value unless they are shared and properly disseminated. 


As a result, he applied for a teaching position at USM after his stint as a banker at the Land Bank of the Philippines.  He handled courses in Economics, Agricultural Policy, Agrarian Reform and Taxation in the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Next to home and family, he considered the school as the second place to discover new horizons. He exemplified this when he became University President. He introduced innovations and reforms making USM as one of the best state universities in the Philippines. 


His vision for the future of the University focuses on access, affordability, and excellence, with emphasis on breakthrough research and modern and effective teaching. He also believes in strengthening the community engagement of the University and in advancing inclusive growth, development, diversity, and excellence.


Intellectual, compassionate, and morally upright, Dr. Garcia has been a recipient of various commendations and awards, including the prestigious Outstanding USM Alumnus Award in recognition of his impressive performance in Financial Management.


Prior to his appointment as President, he held various key positions in the University as Director for Human Resource Management and Development (May 12 2008 – June 9, 2010), Director for Finance and Management Services (June 10, 2010 – June 10, 2013), Vice President for Resource Generation (January 22, 2009), and Vice President for Administration and Finance (June 24, 2013 to February 13, 2014).


As a professor, he believes that in addition to instruction, research characterizes the true mark of a University. Thus, he has immersed himself in various researches in agricultural marketing, culture, gender, literacy, and the environment.


He has attended various seminars, trainings, and conferences not only in the Philippines but also in Thailand, Vietnam, United States of America and France.   


Dr. Garcia is married to the former Miss Adeflor Grant, also a professor of this University, and he is blessed with two children, Kristine Garcia-Bugayong, 37 years old and Khyno Miguel Garcia, 9 years old. 


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