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The Sports, Physical Education and Recreation Center (SPERC) which was created in January 1985 were eventually converted to Institute of Sports, Physical Education (ISPEAR) by virtue of Board Resolution No. 12. s. 1992 as approved by the Board of Regents of December 10, 1992. As a service unit of the University, it primarily handles the Physical Education courses which are basic requirements for graduation of all baccalaureate degree programs. As the center of the sports development and education in the University, the unit is also tasked to produce competent professionals in the fields of sports, athletics, recreation, music and dance.


Goals & Objectives


To maximize holistic development of a person with emphasis on physical wellness to become healthy and productive individuals.



The ISPEAR functions with the following objectives:

  1. Plan and implement:
    1. professional programs for physical educators, sports coaches, recreation leaders and dancers;
    2. food Technology
    3. an integrated physical, sports and recreation programs; and
    4. sports development programs of the university.
  2. promote and preserve the Philippine Indigenous games, sports, music and dances;
  3. conduct researches in physical education, sports, recreation, cultural dances and music; and
  4. provide technical expertise to educational institutions, sports and recreation associations, and other agencies needing assistance in the promotion of physical education, sports, recreation, music and dance.

Courses Offered

    1. Bachelor of Physical Education:
      1. Sports Physical Education
      2. Sports Wellness and Management




    Name Highest Educational Attainment Rank Status of Appointment
    Arias, Elpidio A. MSPE Professor I Permanent
    Buisan, Jessa S. MAT-Human Kinetics (on-going) Permanent
    Calixto, Marichu A.
    Dagoc, Priscilla P. EdD-PE (on-going) Professor I Permanent
    Elumbaring, Jerum B. MAED-PE Professor I Permanent
    Garcia, Judy L. EdD-PE Professor I Permanent
    Java, Moreno V. EdD-PE Permanent
    Java, Vinus P. MAT-PE (on-going) Permanent
    Lopez, Helen Grace D. MAT-PE Professor I Permanent
    Mancera , Marlon A. MAT-Human Kinetics (on-going) Permanent
    Martinez, Malony F. MAT-PE (ON-GOING) Professor I Permanent
    Martinez, Norge D. EdD-PE Professor I Permanent
    Ogatis, Gladys P. MAT-Human Kinetics Professor I Permanent
    Orrego, Marlene E. MAT-Human Kinetics Permanent
    Pahm, Khaironesa P. PhD-RD Professor I Permanent
    Sarikit, Gemma D. EdD-PE Permanent

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