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What is the UPRIO?

The University Public Relations and Information Office (UPRIO) supports the University’s internal and external communication services and public relations to reinforce the University’s vision, mission, and goals.

The UPRIO is responsible for telling the USM story to its various publics. The official communications channel through which the University disseminates information internally and externally. The office has three major locations: (1) internal communications, (2) production of official University publications for on-and-off-campus audiences, and (3) communications support for University initiatives. The office distributes news and feature stories about University programs, activities, and people including student achievements.

The office strives to maintain positive relations with the community, local government officials, civic organizations, and government agencies through the following media: A quarterly USM Monitor, weekly USM Press, bi- annual USM R&D Journal, and webpage.



The University Public Relations and Information Office (UPRIO)  coordinates projects to promote the image of University and its goals, programs, events and services through print and electronic media; assists in the planning, design and dissemination of special promotional effort such as oral presentations, brochures, and newsletters.



1. To increase awareness of the positive impact of the USM on the community, region, and nation.

2. To strengthen a sense of community, connection, and loyalty between the USM and its key stakeholders.

3. To increase the value that key stakeholders place on the ways USM fulfills its mission of teaching, research, extension, and resource generation.


Strategy and Functions

The UPRIO utilizes print, web, and oral presentations; to make USM’s vision, mission and contributions known to the public and promote its image; and to establish' good relations with the community and release timely information on events, development plans, and academic achievements of the USM.

The USM Monitor (ISSN 0115-373) - is the official publication of the University Public Relations and Information Office (UPRIO). It now integrates into one, the former two newsletters: USM RDEP Monitor and USM Newsletter.

It is a semi-technical and quarterly newsletter that publishes articles on academic , instruction, research, development, extension, and production of the USM and its R&D centers: the USM Agricultural Research Center, the Philippine Industrial Crops Research Institute, and the Philippine Carabao Center, and the PRTC.

The USM R&D Journal (ISSN 0302-7937) – is another publication under the office of UPRIO.  The official semi-annual scientific and primary peer-reviewed journal circulated nationally and internationally publishes research outputs of USM faculty researchers and guest contributors. The R&D competencies of the USM as well as related knowledge-based technologies are also presented thereto.

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Editorial Staff: Myrna R Tan • Consultant: Dr Leonora P Manero

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