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The USM Monitor (ISSN 0115-373) - is the official publication of the University Public Relations and Information Office (UPRIO). It now integrates into one, the former two newsletters: USM RDEP Monitor and USM Newsletter.

It is a semi-technical and quarterly newsletter that publishes articles on academic , instruction, research, development, extension, and production of the USM and its R&D centers: the USM Agricultural Research Center, the Philippine Industrial Crops Research Institute, and the Philippine Carabao Center, and the PRTC.

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The USM R&D Journal (ISSN 0302-7937) – is another publication under the office of UPRIO.  The official semi-annual scientific and primary peer-reviewed journal circulated nationally and internationally publishes research outputs of USM faculty researchers and guest contributors. The R&D competencies of the USM as well as related knowledge-based technologies are also presented thereto.
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